Hypnosis for weight loss

 It's simple - to lose weight all you need to do is to burn more calories than you consume.
Why then do we find it so difficult to do?
Research shows that only a small percentage of people that go on a diet manage to lose weight permanently and the Obesity Stats in 2012 state that over 25% of adults are classed as obese.

One of the issues with diets is that they create a deprivation mentality and naturally we will always want something we are not allowed to have. Another issue is that our diet goals are usually negative e.g.'I won't eat chocolate', rather than focusing on the positives of losing weight.

Also, when dieting, we can become stressed about food and eating, allowing it to overtake our thoughts and become all consuming, so we end up thinking about food more than ever. 

Even in modern day, we are still heavily influenced by our primitive mind, particularly when we are feeling stressed or anxious. Our love of sweet and high fat food goes back to primitive times when prolonged foraging and hunting for fruits and animal meat, sent pleasurable signals through our mind and body, which in turn, motivated early man to continue this activity and ensured the survival of the species. They would also eat food in excess of their calorie needs to allow some energy to be stored as fat which would be used in times of famine. We are still able to over-ride our signals of fullness, even in times of abundance and this excess now remains stored as fat. The more we over eat, the more desensitised our natural feelings of fullness become, allowing us to eat more and more. Our primitive urges also prefer immediate rewards, so we tend to eat whenever the fancy takes us rather than focusing on a future reward of weight loss and improved health.

Many of us still have beliefs around food and eating that were appropriate in times of scarcity, rather than abundance e.g. 'you must finish all the food on your plate' or praise for being a 'good eater', regardless of whether or not you were full. Many of us also live very busy lives and we eat 'on the go', hardly even acknowledging or appreciating the food we are putting into our mouths.

Hypnotherapy can help you become more aware of what your body needs, it could be thirst rather than hunger for example. When you eat, chose foods you really enjoy and pay attention when eating, with no distractions, even if it's a bag of crisps. We can also learn to stop eating as soon as we are not hungry, rather than we are bloated and to choose to eat healthy food rather than junk food. That's not to say we can't enjoy a bar of chocolate or a portion of chips from time to time, it's only a problem when your eating habits impact on your physical or mental well being.

Sometimes we need to recognise that we are eating for psychological reasons such as when we are feeling bored, lonely, sad or stressed rather than physiological reasons. We can even develop automatic 'triggers' when we reach for food without even consciously thinking about what we are doing e.g. reaching for a biscuit when we have a cup of tea or coffee. Hypnosis for weight loss incorporates hypnotherapy and counselling to identify the reasons for your overeating and to work with you to replace unhealthy eating habits with positive, healthy habits to achieve your desired outcome. Hypnotherapy can help you overcome reasons for emotional eating, eating when you are not hungry, eating foods laden with empty calories, snacking between meals, as well as helping you gain motivation to be more physically active and keep you focused on the long term, permanent results.

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