Are you:

  • Starting to doubt your own abilities
  • Feeling nervous, irritable or angry
  • Finding it hard to relax/wake up during the night worrying
  • Staying in the background rather than voicing your opinion
  • Shying away from challenges or change
  • Staying in your comfort zone
  • Dismissing compliments
  • Worried you will fail
If you identify with some, or all of these things, then you may be suffering with low confidence or low self-esteem.

The good news:

You are not alone. Most people experience a confidence crisis at some point in their lives.
But we are not born with a lack of self confidence or self esteem, these are thoughts and behaviours that we learn from those around us or from situations that have not gone well and we were made to feel embarrassed or stupid.
When we start to doubt ourselves, we often spend a lot of time negatively forecasting future events or situations. Vividly imagining how awful they are going to be and worrying how we will cope with the rejection, humiliation, failure, or feeling inadequate. When we mentally rehearse these negative scenarios we are actually employing a destructive form of self hypnosis, misusing the power of our imagination and tipping the scales against ourselves.
To quote Henry Ford: "if you think you will succeed or you think you will will."
It is so important to understand how we can give ourselves the best chance of succeeding, by focusing on our strengths and what might go well. Taking time to run through a positive mental rehearsal can be the virtual equivalent of it actually happening. Our brain gets used to the positive scenario and feels it has already experienced it, so it does not need to switch on those feelings of anxiety or fear.
You may not think of yourself as a self confident person because you haven't felt that way in the past. But just allow yourself to dwell on the idea that becoming self confident is just a re-discovery of how you would be if you hadn't learnt self doubt and fear of failure.
Self-confidence and self-esteem really can be learnt and built on. By fully utilising the power of hypnotherapy, we can change negative thoughts and beliefs to positive ones and go on to recognise our achievements and true potential with a confident, positive mind set.

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